Testbericht über das Reisestativ Compact Traveler No. 1 Carbon von Rollei

  Vielen Dank an die Radaktion des fotoMAGAZINs die mir die Möglichkeit gab diesen Test durchzuführen! Der Link zum Test: Rollei Compact Traveler No.1 Carbon Stativ Für meine Ausflüge durch Stadt, Feld und Wald hat das Stativ sicherlich seine Berechtigung: mit nur 980 g (inklusive Kugelkopf) und 33 cm Packmaß ist es sehr leicht [...]

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Castle Grafeneck

This photo series is dedicated to a place in Germany, where the industrial mass murder happened for the first time on 18. January 1940. Today this place is a memorial site and a resort for travellers in the middle of the beautiful countryside. This is precisely what attracted me and drew my attention to discover [...]

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Into The Night

On the streets I am feeling liberated from all those restrains in my mind and set my emotions free. Streetphotography inspires me and so does seeing people in different life situations. At the same time, all the misery from poverty all around us makes me upset. The pure, unaffected emotions caught into the frame are [...]


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